Q-Solder CCG 20 g


Chemical tip cleaner/refresher.

Chemical tip cleaner, alsoknown as tip refresher. It removes oxides and covers the tip with tin. The material is designed to regenerate strongly oxidised soldering iron tips. It chemically dissolves the oxides on the surface of the tip and covers it with a new layer of tin. It does not contain lead. The jar contains 20 g of the cleaner.

Tip being refreshed with the CCG Chemical Cleaner. Instructions for use.

  • Dip the heated tip into the cleaner for a few seconds.
  • The cleaner will melt giving off a small amount of gas. The tip will be covered with tin.
  • After removing the tip, remove the excess tin with a sponge or brass wool.

How to care for the soldering tip.

When soldering, keep a layer of fresh tin on the soldering tip by cleaning it regularly with a wet sponge. This protects its surface from oxidation and adherence of carbonised residue. A new or heavily oxidised soldering tip should be tinned using chemical cleaner. The temperature during cleaning should be the same as during soldering and should be between 300°C and 360°C. Too high tip temperature causes overheating of the soldered components and accelerated tip wear. Carbonised flux or plastic residues are very resistant to chemicals – they can only be removed mechanically.

The photos show a tip that has been cleaned with a CCG cleaner.
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