AlumWeld CL

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AlumWeld CL
Filler metal for soldering aluminum and its alloys.

When you buy 3 pieces you get AlumWeld Blue for free! 

AlumWeld CL is well-known filler metal for soldering aluminum. It enables easy joining of most aluminum alloys as well as steel and galvanized steel. Its fluidity is dependent on temperature so it is possible to prevent filler from penetrating into components being soldered - this is a desirable feature when repairing pipes.

Soldering is very simple. Joints are made using a conventional burner, e.g. propane-butane torch. When soldering small items you can even use a gas stove. Just heat the item, apply AlumWeld CL wire so it melts from item’s heat and finish the joint.

When you buy 3 pieces you get AlumWeld Blue for free!
AlumWeld Blue make soldering easier. In addition it allows to solder copper, brass, bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel.



  • repairs
    • broken threads
    • cracked housings
    • (alternators, pumps, etc.)
  • sealings
    • air conditioners
    • coolers
  • aluminum constructions
  • casts


  • soldering temperature 450oC
  • good thermal and electrical conductivity (28 %IACS)
  • corrosion resistance
  • high strength
  • easy machining (drilling, milling, tapping, grinding)

The package contains 4 soldering wires and instructions manual.
(Diameter 2.5 mm, length of single wire 25 cm - one meter of wire total)
This is enough for a few meters of continuous joint.




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