AlumWeld Core CL

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AlumWeld Core CL

Soldering wire with flux

for aluminum and its alloys

Contains non-corrosive flux!

Thanks to the flux content, soldering with AlumWeld Core CL is extremely easy. It is possible to solder most aluminum alloys, copper, brass, bronze, steel (also stainless steel) and chrome elements.

Joints are made using a regular burner. Just heat the item and apply AlumWeld Core wire so it melts from item’s heat.



  • repairs
    • broken threads
    • cracked housings (alternators, pumps, etc.)
  • sealings
    • air conditioners
    • coolers
  • aluminum constructions


  • perfect wetting of aluminum
  • low soldering temperature
    (melting temp. 385oC)
  • high strength
  • easy machining (drilling, milling, tapping, grinding)
  • high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • high corrosion resistance

The package contains 4 soldering wires and instructions manual.
(Diameter 2.5 mm, length of single wire 25 cm - one meter of wire total)




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