Q‑Silver 38 – 16 x 500 mm, ø2 mm


Silver flux-cored brazing alloy.

Silver brazing flux-cored alloy for high-strength joints. Excellent wetting action on most metals. Designed to braze steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys and nickel alloys. Main applications include air conditioning, refrigeration, food processing equipment and precision mechanics. Offered in an original pack containing 16 rods with length of 500 mm and 2 mm diameter.

Silver brazing alloy wets the stainless steel. Magnified view of the joint. Capillary action ensures strong joints.

Q-Silver 38 alloy perfectly wets brazed metals. With the correct joint gap, capillary forces exceed the filler weight and the liquid alloy is sucked into the joint, regardless of the component alignment. As a result, a high-strength, sealed joint can be made.

On the microphotograph a stainless steel component brazed with Q-Silver 38 is shown.

Q-Silver 38 is a flux-cored braze with a silver content of 38 %. It has high fluidity and relatively low melting point. The flux is placed in the core for optimized dispensing and activation in the correct phase of brazing. It makes work more comfortable and the results are better than with manual flux dispensing or with coated rods. The solder is particularly suitable for joints with narrow gaps (0.025 to 0.125 mm). The joints have good thermal and electrical conductivity, high strength and corrosion resistance.


  • Solidification point (Solidus): 650 °C
  • Melting point (Liquidus): 720 °C
  • Brazing Temperature: 720 °C – 815 °C
Silver binder in a box - 16 pcs.
The photos below show components brazed with Q-Silver 38.
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Joint between copper and brass made with silver braze. Copper elbow brazed with silver-based alloy and flux.
Stainless steel components joined by silver brazing. Copper and chrome-plated tube brazed with silver wire.
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