AlumWeld Chrome 40 ml


Flux for soft soldering of stainless steel (using tin and solder).

This is a flux for soft-soldering stainless and acid-resistant steel with an ordinary soldering iron. It also enables to solder many other metals. Common soldering tin (LC60 or lead-free alloy) is used as a filler metal. After soldering, flux residues should be cleaned with isopropanol or denatured alcohol. The bottle contains 40 ml of flux.

Soldered materials:

  • stainless and acid resistant steel,
  • chrome-plated parts,
  • zinc,
  • mild and galvanised steel,
  • copper and its alloys.
  • Low soldering temperature (200 °C – 250 °C).
  • High performance.
  • Simple working technique.
Copper wire soldered to stainless steel.

The photos below show components soldered with AlumWeld Chrome.
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Nickel-plated screw and zinc-plated washer. Soft soldered. Nickel-plated screw and stainless steel sheet. Soft solder made with AlumWeld Chrome soldering flux.
Two stainless steel sheets soldered with AlumWeld Chrome. Copper wire soldered to galvanised steel sheet. AlumWeld Chrome soldering flux.
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