AlumWeld LQ


High fluidity filler metal for aluminium soldering.

AlumWeld LQ is a filler metal for gas soldering of aluminium and other metals. It has a lower melting point and greater fluidity than the CL alloy, making soldering much easier. The joint has high strength, conducts electricity and heat, and is resistant to corrosion. The package contains 1 m of soldering wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm. This is sufficient for several metres of continuous joint.

Soldered materials:

  • aluminium and its alloys,
  • galvanised steel,
  • steel and brass (AlumWeld Blue flux required).
  • Soldering temperature 420 °C.
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High strength.
  • Easy machining (drilling, milling, threading, grinding).
  • High flowability.
Aluminium and galvanised steel bonded with AlumWeld LQ solder.

Fields of application
The solder is perfect for soldering aluminium structures, repairing radiators, air-conditioning components as well as cracked lids and housings (e.g. alternator, pump, oil sump, etc.). With the use of a mould (e.g. made of clay) repairs such as filling of large cavities can be made.

Soldering is very simple. It successfully replaces welding, especially when the use of a welder is not possible. Connections are made with an ordinary torch, e.g. propane-butane. Simply heat up the object to be brazed, apply AlumWeld filler metal so that it melts from its heat, place the joint and leave it to cool down.
AlumWeld Blue - flux for soldering using AlumWeld alloys.

Special offer!

When you buy 3 packs of solder we give you AlumWeld Blue flux!*
The flux facilitates soldering with AlumWeld solders. In addition, it enables soldering copper, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel.
* The package contains 10 g of flux.

The photos below show components soldered using the AlumWeld LQ soldering alloy.
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Soft aluminium sheets brazed with AlumWeld LQ alloy. Aluminium extrusions soldered with AlumWeld LQ.
Aluminium sample soldered using AlumWeld LQ filler metal and AlumWeld Blue soldering flux. Soft aluminium sheets brazed with AlumWeld LQ alloy (close-up).
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