Q-Silver 2F rings ø22 mm, 20 pcs


Brazing rings for brazing copper pipes.

Simply place the ring in the joint and heat it with a torch to make the solder flow outward. Due to capillary action, the alloy will fill the joint regardless of the component position.

Arrangement of solder rings in the connection. The alloy is self-fluxing and brazes copper perfectly. As a result, work speeds up and your hands remain clean.

The shape of the ring ensures that there is exactly the right amount of filler metal in each joint to produce a high-strength, tight bond.

Alloy characteristics

Q-Silver 2F is a copper-phosphorus brazing alloy. The addition of silver (2%) facilitates brazing and improves the joint properties. It has high fluidity and fills narrow gaps thoroughly. It is used in the soldering of water, heating and solar systems, as well as in refrigeration and air conditioning. Corrosion resistance in normal conditions is similar to that of copper. However the alloy should not be used in joints exposed to sulfur and its compounds, or pressurized steam. For joints with a small surface area, especially when exposed to vibration, Q-Silver 5F alloy is preferred (available in our store as rods).

The package contains 20 brazing rings with a diameter of ø22 mm. Other sizes are also available.


  • Soldering temperature: 718 °C – 815 °C
  • Recommended clerance gap: 0,025 – 0,075 mm
  • Solidification point (Solidus): 645 °C
  • Flow point: 718 °C
  • Melting point (Liquidus): 788 °C
  • Specific gravity: 7,97;
Copper-phosphorus brazing rings 22 mm.


The photos below show components brazed with Q-Silver 2F rings.
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Joint brazed with Q-Silver rings. Appearance after soldering. Joint brazed with Q-Silver rings. Appearance after brushing.
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