ZDZ 45 / 75 W soldering set


Aluminium case with ZDZ soldering iron and soldering materials.

The set includes:

  • Transformer soldering iron 45 / 75 W,
  • Aluminium case filled with foam,
  • Aluminium soldering flux – 40 ml,
  • Stainless steel soldering flux – 40 ml,
  • Q-Solder GEL soldering flux – 10 ml,
  • Q-Solder liquid soldering flux – 110 ml,
  • Soldering tips refresher Q-Solder CCG – 20 g,
  • Sn99,3Cu0,7 lead-free solder – 2 pcs, 14 g each,
  • Lead-tin solder – 2 pcs, 10 g each,
  • Isopropanol in the spray – 110 ml,
  • Soldering tips – 10 pcs.
Detailed description of the kit:
ZDZ LT-75 transformer soldering iron. Transformer soldering iron ZDZ 45 / 75 W

Aesthetically made, robust and reliable. The bulb that illuminates the workpiece being soldered gives a light that is pleasant to the eyes, which reduces user fatigue. In our opinion, ZDZ produces the best transformer soldering irons available in that part of Europe.

  • selectable power 45 / 75 W,
  • power supply 230 V, 50 Hz,
  • maximum tip temperature 400 °C,
  • intermittent duty:
      on time 0,5 min,
      off time 2 min,
  • 12 V 2 W bulb illumination,
  • weight 740 g.

The colour of the soldering iron does not depend on us – there is no choice. Soldering irons are usually red, but some batches can be blue and sometimes green.

Robust aluminium case filled with foam. Case with filling

Aluminium tool case with polyurethane foam filling. Dimensions approx. 22x33x9 cm. Thanks to the foam padding, even small items remain stationary and the soldering iron is well protected.

AlumWeld flux for aluminium soldering with tin. AlumWeld Flux 40 ml

Flux for the soft soldering of aluminium and its alloys. Soldering is made using a soldering iron at temperatures up to 250 °C. It is recommended to use lead-free solder. The joints have considerable strength, conduct electricity and heat.

AlumWeld Chrome flux for stainless steel. AlumWeld Chrom 40 ml

A highly active flux for the soft soldering of alloyed steels, including stainless and acid-resistant steel. It also allows to solder many other metals. Tin-based solder is used as a binder.

RMA gel flux for electronic components soldering. Q-Solder GEL soldering flux 10 ml.

Easy to dispense medium-activity Q-Solder gel flux for soldering SMD circuits. Contains mild organic activators (without halogens). Soldering residues do not cause corrosion. If necessary, they can be removed with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol.

Liquid rosin flux for electronics. Q-Solder HR-10 liquid flux 110 ml.

Professional flux designed for soldering electronic circuits. Contains rosin and mild organic activators. Soldering residues do not cause corrosion and do not need to be removed. If necessary, they can be removed with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol.

Chemical cleaner for soldering tips. Q-Solder CCG tip refresher – 20 g

Chemical cleaner designed to regenerate heavily oxidised soldering tips. Removes oxides and coats the tip with lead-free tin. Method of use:

  • Dip the hot tip into the cleaner for a few seconds.
  • The cleaner will melt and release a small amount of gas. The tip will be tinned.
  • After removing the tip, clean excess tin with a sponge or brass wool.
Vials of lead-free flux-cored soldering wire. Lead-free solder – 2 pcs, 14 g each
Q-Solder Sn99.3Cu0.7 lead-free solder, complies with the requirements of the RoHS directive 2002/95/EC. Contains non-corrosive “No Clean” flux (1.1.3 to EN 29454, SW 32 to DIN 8511). Does not require cleaning after soldering. High alloy quality is ensured by air-free smelting and a raw material purity of at least 99.90%.

  • diameter ø1 mm,
  • soldering temperature: 300 °C do 400 °C,
  • composition:
      tin: 99,3 ± 0,2%,
      copper: reminder.
Vials of lead/tin wire for soldering electronics. Sn60Pb40 lead-tin solder – 2 pcs, 10 g each
Designed for soldering electronic components. Contains non-corrosive flux type RMA in the core (1.1.2 acc. to PN EN 29454, SW 26 acc. to DIN 8511). Does not require washing after soldering. High alloy quality is ensured by air-free alloying and raw material purity of at least 99.90%.

  • diameter ø1 mm,
  • soldering temperature: 320 °C do 420 °C,
  • composition:
      tin: 60 ± 0,5%,
      lead: remainder.
Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning soldering residues. Isopropanol in the spray 110 ml

Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol, IPA) – cleaner for electronics, optics and precision mechanics. Removes grease, lubricants, flux residues and other types of dirt. Neutral to most plastics and varnishes. Evaporates completely – no residue left after use.

We bottle only isopropanol from large, European suppliers, which guarantees a high quality product. Residue after evaporation max. 0.0004 %.

Copper tips for transformer soldering iron. Soldering tips 10 pcs

A set of spare soldering tips for transformer soldering irons. Copper soldering tips, made in EU.

The photos below show components soldered with AlumWeld materials.
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Aluminium wire soldered to copper wire. Nickel-plated bolt soldered to a stainless steel plate.
Kit with 75 W transformer soldering iron for electronics. ZDZ 75 W soldering kit.
Weight 2,4 kg