AlumWeld Flux 40 ml


Flux for soldering aluminium (with lead-free solder and soldering iron).

AlumWeld Flux is a flux for soldering aluminium. The mechanically cleaned surface is covered with flux and then soldered with ordinary tin and a soldering iron. For larger items, make sure the soldering iron has enough power to heat up the item. After soldering, the flux can be removed with water. The bottle contains 40 ml of flux.

Soldered metals:

  • aluminium,
  • copper,
  • brass, bronze,
  • zinc and galvanised steel.
  • Low soldering temperature (200 °C – 250 °C).
  • High performance.
  • Simple working technique.
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity of the joint.
Copper and aluminium wires soldered with AlumWeld Flux.

Fields of application

The flux is used in the automotive industry to repair controllers, as well as in electronics and electrical engineering to solder small aluminium components (leads of some components, aluminium wires, heat sinks).

Please note that when soldering aluminium the best results are obtained using lead-free alloy (e.g. Sn97Cu3 alloy) and soldering iron with a solid tip. These are available in our shop.

Lead free soldering alloy Sn97Cu3.

Special offer!

We give tin when you buy 3 bottles of flux in the set!*

This is a lead-free Sn97Cu3 alloy which gives good results when soldering stainless steel. With AlumWeld Flux it is also suitable for aluminium soldering.

* A pack contains 24 g of tin.

The photos below show components soldered with AlumWeld Flux.
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Aluminium sheets soldered with tin using a soldering iron and AlumWeld flux. Copper cable brazed to aluminium.
Two aluminium wires soldered together using AlumWeld Flux. Copper wire soldered to aluminium sheet.
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